The team at Alex Earl craft and create lighting, furniture and sound products for both residential spaces and large scale commercial projects.  Our philosophy has always been one of designing, planning and building everything from our workshop.  Every Alex Earl product is made to order and proudly made in Melbourne.  We don't manufacture offshore and wherever possible we use Australian made materials.  We try to be a responsible manufacturer and all of our finishes are low VOC and environmentally un-harmful.  Electricity used in our workshop and showroom is bought from renewable energy sourcing Green energy suppliers.  Our timber products are all bought from suppliers with FSC approval and our imported timbers actually arrive carbon positive!   We stand by our products and by our philosophy of making everything ourselves, even when a cheaper offshore alternative presents itself.   We make things that we can be proud of for a lifetime and you can be proud to own for a lifetime.

 Based in their workshop and showroom in Collingwood, Melbourne, Alex Earl have the creative vision, skill and industry experience to bring design ideas to life.