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  Our 'Sound System One' is the result of 4 years of research and development, and a no-compromise approach to sound design- both sonically and visually.  We've integrated top of the range compression drivers, Dipole woofers and triode tube amplifiers with crafted solid timber horns and baffles to create a system as beautiful sounding as it is visually.

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Recorded music is a form of magic.  The recording and reproduction of voice, instruments and sounds bring moments into a listening space that no longer exist and even possibly never existed.    The reality is that often music is a thing of joy and beauty that has been stripped of it's plumage, and rendered lifeless and grey by the 'magic' of digital compression and build it small and build it cheap electronics.  




To do what our sound systems do (low powered, high efficiency, natural sound) they need to be big.  To make them smaller would be to compromise- take a little of this away and a little bit of that and soon the thing ceases to be itself.   The 'thing' is amazing music  and it's best reproduced by big loudspeaker horns.  

  Making something big that serves a purpose is only half the challenge- making something this big that you'd actually want to have in your house is the other half.   We didn't invent horn loudspeakers or valve amplifiers or figure out that low power and high efficiency can produce amazing results, but we think we've put together one of the best sounding, and best looking sound systems in the world.


We also custom make single ended triode vacuum tube amplifiers.  Our Sound System 1 horns are driven by low powered 2A3 amplifiers with no coupling capacitors- eliminating interference and delivering the purest signal to the horn drivers.  Designed in collaboration with legendary amplifier builder Jereme Clingan, our amplifiers are point to point hand wired using the finest components including solid silver for all signal paths. 

  The amplifiers output a mere 2.5 watts per channel, but the horns are so efficient that they can play to concert levels without distortion.